Why Having a Proper LinkedIn Profile is Important?

LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms that is utilized by majority of recruiters and hiring managers all over the world. Today it is not only limited to just one nation but has become a widely used network everywhere. To this day LinkedIn has created millions of opportunities for aspiring as well as experienced individuals. Initially, it was created with a prime focus on creating employment opportunities for talented individuals but with time the world has witnessed a revolution in its reach and today LinkedIn is used for all the purposes from brand marketing to networking.

To avail all the great benefits being offered by LinkedIn, an individual must have a profile worthy enough to seize all the opportunities; from finding a job to boosting your brand, as well as hiring highly-skilled professional, this platform assist in all of these. CV writing services in Pakistan have laid strong emphasis on not taking LinkedIn profile lightly instead one should treat it the same way as they treat a CV for their job application. Therefore, in this article, we will highlight all the value-added benefits and prospects open for individuals with a powerful LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Before getting into the depths of what a powerful LinkedIn profile can do for an individual, it is important to understand what LinkedIn profile writing is. An optimized profile is an improved way of showcasing your abilities, skills, and achievements to hiring manager. With an optimized profile, an individual gives the recruiter a better insight into their personality and interests, as well as lets them decide if they are the right fit for the desired role.

Increases visibility to recruiting professionals & Increased networking

As LinkedIn is a great tool for attracting the recruiter’s attention, an optimized profile can greatly increase the chances of getting immediately recognized by hiring managers. Since recruiters hunt for new employees through specified keywords relevant to their job descriptions or criteria, if your profile has all those skillsets and keywords included in it then you can right away boost your chances of attracting the recruiter. By designing a powerful profile, you are not only increasing your chance of connecting to recruiters and companies but it also helps you widen and strengthen your social network as well as connect with experienced professionals in your field to gain exposure.

Connects to the dream job

Have you tried to secure your dream job but are still not able to make it happen even after multiple tries? We understand that it worries you a lot even when your CV has all that it needs to get a job. A major reason for it can be lacking in your LinkedIn profile. Since we have already established the fact that many recruiters and hiring managers assess job profiles through LinkedIn, it may be possible that your profile did not meet their expectations and therefore failed to convince them.

LinkedIn profile for talent acquisition

LinkedIn is the right platform for recruiters in search of potent individuals for their organization. A powerful LinkedIn profile does not only facilitate job seekers but also job providers. It is greatly observed that when candidates apply to a certain job opening, they visit the hiring manager’s profile as well to see their relevant details and get clarity on the company’s role in the market. A LinkedIn profile can do wonders in this case as a proper profile does not only help create a positive impression on the candidate but also attract them towards the job.

Facilitates brand building

LinkedIn is not just a platform that offers great job opportunities but it is a way of improving your brand’s recognition and creating a unique identity for it. A properly designed LinkedIn profile doubles the importance and chances of your brand being recognized. For example, if an individual is looking for a specific service that your brand offers; having all relevant keywords in the LinkedIn business profile will enable the LinkedIn search engine to categorize your profile among the top providers that a customer is looking for.

Forging long-term connections

It must have happened that your profile often fails to get the reach you desire for. This is because your profile is not seen by other professionals as a unique profile since it does not have much to offer to them. Have you ever noticed a LinkedIn profile with a lot of connections and is popular in your circle? It is not because LinkedIn has offered some special services to them instead if you assess their profile carefully then you will realize that it stands very different from many other profiles that you every day see. This lays further emphasis on the need of getting your profile professionally designed as it will not help you secure new connections but also sustain them in long term and utilize them whenever you are looking for new opportunities.

Fulfills lacking of CV

The emphasis placed by writers of leading CV writing services on LinkedIn optimization is enormous. According to them a proper profile can fulfill the lacking in a CV as it enables to add 5 stars to your profile and since it is not limited to a specific length of pages like a CV then an individual has all the chances of adding all their achievements that they forcefully had to exclude from their CV to ensure appropriate length.

Connecting with professionals in job groups

A strong LinkedIn profile greatly influences the credentials of an individual and proves to be highly beneficial when a person joins LinkedIn job groups. Since there are groups made for different job industries there are numerous opportunities for an individual to connect with their target industry personnel through these groups and a powerful profile is a great way to create a good impression, start a conversation and make connections in the future.  

Developing a unique identity

There are millions of users joining LinkedIn on a day-to-day basis and increasing the pool of job seekers. Creating a unique identity among so many people is a major challenge in itself and requires a lot of effort to convince the recruiter. However, this is made comparatively easy ever since the concept of LinkedIn optimization has come into existence. Most of the time it is seen that recruiters often get bored by seeing the same type of content; with your unique profile you can bring exclusivity and increase your chances of earning recognition from the recruiters.

Getting LinkedIn Optimization

There are a lot of CV writing services these days that offer LinkedIn optimization as an added service in their CV writing package. To get a 5-star overhauled LinkedIn profile all you need to do is place your order with any service best fitting your needs and matching your budget. We assure you that after getting your profile overhauled you will feel a major difference while looking for job opportunities as it will massively impact your network and help you build stronger connections.

In conclusion, according to CV writers in Pakistan having an optimized LinkedIn profile is no longer a preference but a necessity these days. With almost all the recruiters being active on LinkedIn, a perfect CV coupled with a professional LinkedIn profile is their top need during recruitment. It is highly possible that if the recruiters like the credentials of a certain profile, then they follow up on it through LinkedIn and this is where you can use your profile to not only impress the recruiters but also prove whatever you have mentioned on your CV.