Useful Tips To Write An Effective Cover Letter

The recruitment processes are very dynamic as recruiters are coming up with new assessment methods to know about the professional abilities and personalities of the candidates. It is witnessed that most of the well-known organizations for conducting their recruitments are now relying on digital methods like virtual assessments. Virtual assessment is gaining popularity over time, but in Pakistan the traditional method still holds a strong position in the process. CVs and cover letters are two commonly used tools in the traditional method required by recruiters of Pakistan.

Therefore, It is important that along with a professional CV a candidate must write an effective cover letter to provide the detailed required information to the recruiter. This article will help you to write an effective cover letter.

  • Strike with a confident opening

An Opening of any cover letter is a very crucial part and you need to come out as an individual who is confident, excited, and full of positivity.  Do not sound boring, worried, or someone who desperately needs this job but rather sound appreciative, optimistic, and delighted. The impression you create in the opening part should be long-lasting and positive otherwise the reader might drop it before reaching your contributions and achievement. Do not talk about the job or your career profile in the beginning, just talk about the feelings and pleasant experience.

  • Write letter Specific to the Job

According to CV writing services in Pakistan, being specific is the golden rule that not only applies to CVs but cover letters as well. A candidate must write a new cover letter addressing the information that could be useful for the recruiter of that particular job. Using the same cover letter for every job is not a good option because every job requires a different skillset, abilities, and personality. Your cover letter should consist of such job-specific information in detail. If you are not willing to change the cover letter completely, at least amend the parts that are related to another job.

  • Do not Just Repeat The CV

A cover letter is an additional document along with a professional CV, so make sure you are providing a piece of additional information that is not included in your CV. Do not just repeat what you have already presented in your CV, provide more information about CV elements in detail. If the type of information and its detail in the cover letter is the same as the CV, then it is just a waste of time for your recruiter and a waste of resources for you. Try to get an additional benefit with the information provided through a cover letter and that is only possible if you add something in it that you could not add in the CV.

  • Use Keywords from Job Description

Keywords play an important role in your cover letter. Identify the strong keywords related to the job roles and responsibilities mentioned in the job description and include them in your cover letter while providing information about your expertise and competencies to the recruiter. The usage of relevant keywords in the content of your cover letter will highlight your relevancy with the job position; it will also help the recruiter to create a match between your competencies and job requirements.

  • Maintain a Professional Tone

Through cover letters, candidates address directly to the hiring managers. Therefore, it is important to maintain a professional tone in your content. Be careful about not sounding arrogant or overconfident through your writing. Choose the words and writing style wisely and keep it as professional as you can. Going with simple and understandable words is a good choice, avoid jargon and acronyms and respectably address the reader.

  • Address the question “why they should Hire you”

In your CV, you do not get a chance to answer that question so take advantage of this medium to tell your recruiter why a person like you is perfect for this company. Highlight the organization’s culture, appreciate their working style and create an impression that you are just like one of them. Never hesitate to describe your achievements and contribution to the current or previous organizations although focus more on those aspects which are directly related to this job. Present yourself as an individual who can easily adjust and adopt new cultures.

  • Include a Courteous Closing

Closing is as important as any other section of your cover letter so do not be careless with that. All of your efforts may go into vain if your closing is not professional or courteous enough. A little bit of courtesy in this section will enhance the experience of the reader that will help you with having a good impression.  Closing should always include your contact details with an impression that you are hopeful and waiting for the next phase.

  • Hire a professional writing service

If writing a cover letter is challenging for you due to your writing skills or you are having difficulties incorporating various guidelines, you can simply hire  professional CV writing services for your cover letter as well. The professional CV writers in Pakistan can provide a perfect cover letter to you that will include all of the discussed tips and guidelines for an effective cover letter. This can also be a good option if you are going short on time, and sending the cover letter with your CV has been declared mandatory by the recruiter.

A cover letter is as important as a CV in any recruitment process, especially when the recruiter emphasizes its receiving. A cover letter complements your CV and enables the recruiter to know more about you in the detail. The candidate with an effective cover letter along with the CVs in any job application has more chances of getting shortlisted for the next phase than those who just write it for a formality or completely ignore it. Carefully go through all the tips mentioned to write an effective cover letter for your job application and send it to the recruiters along with the CV. Never ignore a cover letter until you are advised by the recruiter to do so.