How Corporates Evaluate Resumes

A professional resume reaches the recruiter’s desk once it is passed through the Applicant Tracking System. The recruiters have various pre-defined evaluation processes that they apply to a candidate’s resume. The processes can be different for different corporates according to their recruitment policies. However, some general rules do exist that are followed in almost all the corporate and knowledge about them can help you to ace the evaluation process of your resume. let’s discuss some of the fundamental resume evaluation processes in local and multinational corporates.

  • Career Objective

Corporates thoroughly evaluate the career objective in your resume to know how you aim to help them achieve their corporate goals. They look for a career objective that is concise, focused, impactful, and aligned with their corporate objectives. Evaluation of career objectives helps corporates to know about your priorities and will-power to work with them. They also get an idea about your personality through your career objective presented in the resume. If you are not good at writing such stuff you can hire executive resume writing services. They will provide you a top resume with a strong career objective.

  • Relevant Education

For corporates relevancy matters while evaluating your education in the resume. In your education section, the relevancy of education works as a very effective filter for corporates, so it is always a significant part of the evaluation process.  Therefore, if you have acquired any formal or informal education that is directly or indirectly relevant to the job description never hesitate to mention that. 

  • Statistics and famous names

A resume contains a good amount of content that makes it very hard to assess in a limited time. A resume evaluator adopts many tricks to evaluate it more quickly. Looking for statistics and famous names is just one way to do it. When corporates get many applications for a single position these tricks come in handy. An evaluator quickly notes the statistical data and famous names (companies, brands, associations, technical skills) to get an idea about your profile. A professional resume writing service might help write a resume for your that would be compatible with this trick. 

  • Previous Work Experience 

Your previous working experience is always part of the evaluation process. Before hiring a candidate, the corporate needs to have an idea for how long and in what companies a candidate has served already. Corporates are always aware of the recruitment processes and workplace environment of companies in the market. So through this evaluation, they get a clear idea about the candidates’ turnaround rate, level of competency, and professionalism. 

  • Relevant work history

The work history also has a lot to do with the relevancy rather than just the time. Corporates essentially check the relevant job activities that a candidate has been performing throughout the work experience. They look for the tasks that a candidate has been actively or directly involved in, the responsibilities a candidate was assigned, and the level of the position at which the candidate served. This mostly applies to senior-level or executive-level jobs in entry-level just having prior experience might be enough to pass the evaluation. 

  • Active Work Profile

The active work profile is a significant indicator for corporate to evaluate a candidate’s consistency and commitment to the work. That’s why it is part of the evaluation process.  The corporates always notice whether candidates have longer gaps between jobs or they have been continuously working. If you do not have an active work profile due to longer gaps, try to compensate it with some professional development or provide any valid reason. So that corporate can have an impression that rather than wasting your time, it was utilized for something beneficial.  

  • Appropriate skills

To help the corporate achieve its goal, corporates look for a potential employee who must have some appropriate skills. That’s the reason, the corporate would always include the skills section in their resume evaluation process. An individual might have several skills and that’s a good thing, but it should be made sure that the skills added are appropriate enough to complement the work expected from the position applied.  

  • Industry Knowledge

Corporates evaluate the content of the resume to get information about how much a candidate is familiar with the industry knowledge. They look for the industry-specific keywords and terminologies included in the content. The frequency of such keywords and terminologies works as an indicator to evaluate a candidate’s familiarity with the desired industry. So it is always advised to include those keywords in the resume content. If you have ever been involved with a resume service provider, you must know that the resume services have dedicated technical resume writers, whose sole job is to incorporate such keywords into a resume. 

  • Uniqueness 

This is a critical element to be found in the evaluation process of a resume, but yet it is indirectly present in many evaluation processes. This may not be the element that a recruiter would include in the evaluation, but its presence always has a positive impact. When corporates receive a number of applications, the ability of the candidate to stand out from the crowd through a resume always exerts a significant impression on the recruiter.  

  • References

This element has lost its significance over time, but in some corporate cultures, it is still part of the resume evaluation process. A lot of the best professional resume companies suggest that there is no need to add any reference to the resume unless you are asked by the employer, but if you do have a strong reference there is no harm in adding that. 

If you want to seize an opportunity make sure you design the best resume.  If you think you have adequate skills to write one,  go ahead and write it by taking help from the above-mentioned evaluation processes, they will help you to pass the corporate evaluation with flying colors. if you are one with not-so-good resume writing skills then you can hire top resume writers online as well. And you can compare the delivered services with the evaluation standards to make sure you can grab the opportunity with your professional resume.