10 Expert Advice about Resume Writing That Will Help You land an Interview

A resume is a very important company-candidate touchpoint. If designed sensibly and professionally it can work as an effective tool to land you an interview call. Although the standards for the best resume may vary across the countries, still there are certain fundamental aspects, that every candidate needs to be careful while drafting to make it an interview-winning resume. Let’s see what resume experts have to suggest about building a resume that can successfully land an interview call. 

  1. Customize your resume according to the job

It’s a lot common for candidates to use the same resume while applying to different jobs. Such practices may harm the process of getting an interview call, because that specific job may require a different set of skills and personalities compare to the previous jobs applied. Resume Experts highly recommend customizing resumes according to the job you wish to apply for. It increases your chance of creating a match and getting called for an interview. 

  1. Understand ATS and its requirements

It is high time that while building their resumes for any kind of job, candidates acknowledge the role of the Applicant Tracking System in the recruitment process. The popularity of ATS in organizations is increasing with time, today more than 55% of them are relying on it. Candidates are advised to extensively go through the job description, extract the relevant keywords and incorporate them in a professional resume along with the ATS-friendly formats. 

  1. Use industry-specific words and terminologies

Before you get a chance to meet the hiring team in person and tell them how much you know about this job and industry, ensure that as a resume writer you successfully create an impression that you are familiar with the current industry and have sufficient knowledge about it. Using industry-specific words and terminologies in your professional resume will serve the purpose very well, it will also be a positive step towards meeting the ATS requirements.   

  1. Organize your resume into sections

This might be the most shared advice by resume experts or professionals because the effects of a section-wise organized resume on the recruiters are very dynamic. An organized professional resume will help you in many ways like; its professional look will persuade the recruiter to think of you as an individual with high professionalism, it will communicate your goals and personality more effectively, it also optimizes the time assigned to your resume by helping the recruiter to get the required information quickly and accurately.  

  1. Develop coherence between sections

After organizing your professional resume in sections, make certain that you have developed coherence among them. A resume without coherence in the sections confuses the resume reviewer as he/she may not be able to create a link between the information provided. There should be no contradiction in the information coming from different sections rather the information of one section should endorse the information of the other. Go through some work of a technical resume writer (if available) to have an idea about developing coherence in a professional resume. 

  1. Avoid irrelevant information

Many candidates just to fill up the space add too much irrelevant information in their resume believing that it will be a value-addition, but what they do not realize is that any type of irrelevant information may affect negatively because in some cases it may undermine the vital information. A top resume is very specific when it comes to providing information The recruiter has a very limited time to look at your resume, engaging him/her with irrelevant information may lead to rejection.  

  1. Use precise language

Why use lengthy and wordy sentences when the context can be delivered in simple and fewer words? Again, many individuals just to make sentences more sensible and fancier, unnecessarily add many redundant and repetitive words and that makes it even more complex and confusing. Rather than trying to make sense through long and wordy sentences, follow the techniques that resume writing companies perform, be creative with your word choice and use such words that can precisely provide the same meaning as long sentences. 

  1. Get it reviewed by a professional

Taking an expert opinion is always a valuable thing to do. It can be an industry expert who has been part of the same industry, an HR specialist, or an executive resume writer. A neutral evaluation by him/her will allow you to see the areas where you can make further improvements before you send it to the organization. The improvements that you will make after the review process will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your resume 

  1. Add updated contact/address details

While many individuals keep changing the information in different sections of their professional resume according to the specific job, one thing many of them overlook to update or add is their contact details and addresses. All of your hard work may go to waste and you may lose an amazing opportunity if your recruiter is not able to contact you for the next phase. Especially when the recruiter has a long list of applicants for interviews, he/she won’t bother to try to contact you twice.

  1. Add LinkedIn profile link

If you have availed of any LinkedIn resume service or worked yourself on profile updating, it is necessary to add the profile link in your professional resume. Corporates are switching to digital platforms now, and having an updated professional digital account will work to your benefit. 

  1. Avail professional Resume Writing Services

All the bits of advice that were discussed are important to incorporate, but many of the candidates due to busy schedules are unable to follow all the steps. In such cases, professional resume writing services come handy and provide you one-stop solutions to all the mentioned problems from ATS-friendly formats to expert reviews with professionally enhanced content in your resume. Go for such resume services these are easily available online and deliver the services in the required time. 

As it is always those little drops that make the ocean likewise it is always these little mistakes that candidates make in their resumes and get rejected in the initial phases without getting even a chance to appear in an interview. If you want to get the call for an interview through your resume, let it go from a process of self-evaluation considering expert advice mentioned in this article and work on the parts where there is a need for any improvement. You can always go for professional resume writing services, that will not just save your time but will provide you a good quality work ultimately increasing your chances for an interview.